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Lessons, Texts &  Interactive Tools

Tired of lists of websites—rabbit-holes of information?

Easily accessed, organized with Brief descriptions, images/gifs to help skimming quicker & easier

Find the very BEST & up-to-date:

- Vetted Lesson collections 

- Interactive online tools to amaze students

- Best Free online textbooks

Keep your students engaged & your content fresh aiding to your enjoyment of teaching 

Get started, Lets go!

Course Content & Lab Materials

A new teacher looking how to organize your school year's content?

Seasoned teacher looking to mix up topics or start a new ESS Course?

Receiving funding from the District or grant—what lab materials should you have for an effective lab experience?

Check out these Ideas

NESTA Publications - Physical & Digital

NESTA Social Media Resources

Need a perfect Diagram/Video to introduce or explain a concept?

Share breaking new science from the ACTUAL scientists with your students?

Have a Question to ask a community of teachers?

Looking to keep your edge on understanding your content?

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The Earth Scientist (TES)

NESTA's own Peer-reviewed quarterly journal

  • Articles provide exemplary, state of the art, tested, classroom activities

  • Science content relative to K-12 instruction of ESS Teachers

  • Complete archive available to NESTA members

    Become an author & publish your ideas

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Windows 2 the Universe (W2U)

NESTA's own content-rich website, written at Three different lexicon levels, to include an English & Spanish version!

Page under construction

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Teacher "How to's......"

Grants for

Teachers & Students

Asperations high but funding low? 

How to attend Science Teacher Conventions, great field trips, replace that dangerous/falling apart equipment 

Let us aid you to receive the best grants from vetted organizations that support ESS teachers like you

Webpage still under construction

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Networking w/ Scientists & Scientific Organizations

Have leading scientists to interact & talk with your classes & motivate your students

How can Teacher/Science organizations help YOU in your classroom?

Let us guide you

Webpage still under construction

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Social Media
in the Classroom

Quickest way to link students to curriculum?  Social Media!

How can you use social media in your classroom effectively & safely?

Lets us guide you with tested ideas by teachers & proven effective in the classroom

Webpage still under construction

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Field Trips
In-Person & Virtual

What is an ESS classroom between 4-walls?  Get out & view the world of science in the outdoors!

Guides & ideas how to get your students out exploring the world

Teacher-lead, scavenger hunts, long or short distance from schools & virtual

Webpage still under construction

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