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Directors at Large

Joe Monaco

Highland, CA


Prior Profession:
ES teacher (37 years)


Geology & Astronomy


JOIDES Resolution;

Space Camp

I enjoyed all of the ESs since I was a child & knew whatever career choice I made, it would have to be in the ESs.

Parker O. Pennington IV

Ann Arbor, MI

NESTA & MESTA Board / e-News Editor / Rock Raffle Specialist (35 yrs)

Prior Profession:
MS, HS, & C. College ES / Environmental (30 yrs)


Leading Summer field conferences

ES workshops—various levels

MI state supervisor

MSO rock, mineral & fossil event (20 years)

My grandfather taught in my district, my dad taught Conservation in my district. Both my brother and I became ES teachers--just seemed like the thing to do.

Kimberley "No-Jo" Norris-Jones

Columbia, SC

ES, Environmental, Chemistry Teacher

(15 years)

Prior Profession:
Army LTC (retired)

ESS advocacy & Beauty/Artistry of Earth


2019 SC ES-Teacher of the Year

Earth is the only rock we have to live on! We need to understand it in order to take care of it
It is why I have a passion to teach ESS-I want others to want to take care of our Home.

Diane Tom-Ogata

Honolulu, HI

High School STEM Capstone, Marine Science, Biology, Physics, Physical Science (16 yrs)

Prior Profession:
Early Childhood Education (8.5 yrs)
K-3 Elementary (2 yrs)

Integrated Culture/Place-base STEM


2018 Outstanding ES Teacher - Far Western Section
2019 Polynesian Voyaging Society STEM Wa'a Camp

**Still thinking about it while staring out on the Ocean**

Appointed Directors

Rubin Observatory Liaison

Ardis Herrold

Oro Valley, AZ

Education Specialist, Vera C. Rubin Observatory

Prior Profession:

HS & part time college teacher (38 yrs)
geology, chemistry, astronomy, & ran district planetarium


Developing free online interactive astronomy activities (authentic data) for Rubin Observatory


Past President of NESTA & MESTA

Built/used radio telescopes w/ students—Radio Astronomy team (RATs)

 Professional Development (30+ years)

I'm an amateur astronomer with a Geology degree, so I love all things Earth & sky.
topics: astro imaging, fluorescent minerals, planetary geology, meteorites, National Parks of US & Canada. Most of all, getting people excited about the awesomeness of Earth Science!

NASA Liaison

Tina Harte

Surry, VA

NASA LaRC SD Earth Science Ed Task Lead

Prior Profession:
MS Science Teacher (18 years)


Geology Focus Secondary Ed Ma;

Master ES-Educator Trainer w/ Tennessee State University (5 years)


Outstanding ES-Teacher SE Region 2009
NESTA TB Ervin Distinguished Service Award 2019
NASA Team Award—My NASA Data Project 2020—Project Manager

ES was where my natural curiosity & love for learning blossomed as a young child. Through interactions with nature, I established a passion turning into an inner drive to bring that experience to students; now I work to bring about opportunities for educators to develop the  skills that will enable them to bring ES alive in their classrooms

ES Diversity & Equity Coordinator

Enrique Reyes

Austin, TX

HS Teacher
DC Geology, Aquatic Science, Biology

Diversity in ESS
Geoscience Education

I became an Earth Science educator because I have a passion & love for Earth Science that is uncommon in my community
Undeserved & minority communities do not get the same opportunities to engage in the geosciences, so I take it upon myself to expand those opportunities for them.


Elaine Bohls-Graham

Austin, TX

HS Science Teacher
Occasional adjunct professor

Prior Profession:


Geoscience curriculum

VaNTH Fellow - University of Texas—Austin

DIG Texas Blueprints - Lead teacher intern, contributor, website manager 

Earth, Wind & Fire (OnRamps) contributor - University of Texas—Austin

Native Austinite, a ranch child in western Travis County—many trips to different places instilled a passion for anything “geology” & the knowledge I would always be a geologist
My hope is that Geosciences will become recognized/respected as the 4th & most important pillar that it is—students of all ages will learn & love  our Earth.

Facebook Group Moderator

David Thesenga

Erie, CO

HS Science Teacher (24 yrs)

ES, Physics, Engineering, Robotics

Prior Profession:
Geophysical engineer

Big data & Data visualization


Einstein Fellow - Washington DC, NSF Geoscience Directorate

PolarTREC Teacher\Researcher, Ross Ice Shelf Antarctica

NAGT Earth Science Teacher of the Year

I have a passion for both understanding Earth systems that underlie massive datasets being produced, as well as encouraging/guiding development of curricula & best practices that help push forward a positive legislative educational agenda

Historian / Awards

Tom Ervin

LeClaire, IA

Grand Old Man of NESTA

Prior Profession:
High School Earth Science (37 yrs, retired)

Wordsmith, Editor skills, Meteorology, Astronomy, Fossils

Past President NESTA (2x)
Past President Iowa Academy of Science
Thomas B. Ervin Distinguished Service Award named
after "me".

My 8th grade science teacher (Mr. Fox) instilled in me a love for earth science, and I attempted to follow his example. Dr. Robert Yager, past president of NSTA, was my mentor and showed me that service within the science education profession was within my reach


Appointed Officers

Calendar Keeper

Wendy Demers

New Orleans, LA

MS science teacher (20 yrs) - Retired 

ES, Physical & Life sciences

Prior Profession:
Early childhood/kindergarten teacher (12 yrs)

Professional development content & strategies in ESS topics
Maury Project, Project Atmosphere,
Iceland as member of a group of ES teachers

Many individuals consider ES a study of rocks, mountains & volcanoes. Growing up in New Orleans, where there are no rocks except those we purchase from other States, reinforces that limited perspective.
I enjoy expanding the knowledge base of students & educators to include ocean, atmosphere & our native challenges with our wetlands/coastlines

The Earth Scientist Editor

Peg Steffen

Iowa City, Iowa

Curriculum Writer

Prior Profession:
MS / HS Science teacher (25 yrs)

Program Manager—NASA & NOAA education (18 yrs)

Climate science, ESS, NGSS professional development


Designer/managerNASA Explorer School

NOAA National Ocean Service Education Coordinator

NOAA Planet Stewards project lead

A foundation of knowledge in ESS is critical for all of Planet Earth's citizens. The more recent emphasis for these disciplines in NGSS is an opportunity to engage more K-12 students. Teaching & learning, especially the ESS are a lifelong passion for me and I hope to spark that in others

Climate Change Liaison

Don Haas

Ithaca, NY

Director of Teacher Programming

Paleontological Research Institute

Prior Profession:
Professor of Teacher Education (10 yrs)

Science Teacher (9 yrs)

Climate & Energy education

Place-based, technology-rich geoscience education


Co-author: Teacher-Friendly Guide to Climate Change
Co-authorThe Science Beneath the Surface: A Very Short Guide to the Marcellus Shale

In order to move wisely in this world and meet our civic responsibilities, we need to have good basic understandings of the Earth system & how humans influence that system. I'm passionate about working with people of all ages to foster those understandings & put them to use. The Earth & the study of it is also fascinating & beautiful

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