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Executive Committee

6 yr Cycle —Elected position during "even" years
2yrs of each—President-elect; President; Past President

Executive Director
3 yr Term with option to extend
Contracted position serving at pleasure of Executive Directors, reporting to the Board of Directors 

Elected position during "even" years

Elected position during "even" years

Board Member Representative to EC (BMRTEC)
Annually elected position by members of the Board of Directors

Elected Directors

Responsible for National scope
(4) Directors-at-Large
Elected every two years, half elected alternating years

Regional Directors
Responsible for specific Regional scope (see Regional Leadership page for map of areas)
(8) Regional Directors
Elected every two years, half elected alternating years

    • Even Regions elected during Odd yrs
    • Odd Regions elected during Even yrs

Appointed Positions

Appointed Director
Responsible for select topics / representative of organizations
Voting member of the Board of Directors

Selected by Executive Committee from Appointed Officers

Appointed every two years, half appointed alternating years

Appointed Officer
Responsible for select topics / representative of organizations
Coordinator; Advisor; Committee Chair
Non-voting member
Selected by the President
Appointment based on need of NESTA

State Contacts
Selected by Regional Director & President
Non-voting member of the Board of Directors
Annual Appointment

The Earth Scientist Editors
Selected by President with approval of Board of Directors
Serves at the pleasure of President

Executive Committee

 President John-Henry Cottrell   2022-24
 Past-President  Dr. Richard Jones  2022-24
 President Elect  Natalie Macke  2022-24
 Secretary  Missy Holzer  2022-24
 Treasurer  Parker Pennington IV  2022-24
 BMREC  Tom Ervin  2022-23
 BMREC  Kimberly Norris Jones  2022-23

Board of Directors

 Region I  Dr. Mike Jabot 2022-24 
 Region II  Dr. Jim Ebert 2021-23
 Region III  Andrea Mangold 2022-24
 Region IV  Chris Campbell 2021-23
 Region V  Jill Weaver 2022-24
 Region VI  DeEtta Anderson 2021-23
 Region VII  Matthew Haverty 2022-24
 Region VIII  Laura Orr 2021-23
 Director at Large Michael Koenig 2021-23
 Director at Large  Andrea Starks
 Director at Large  Kimberley Norris-Jones 2022-24
 Director at Large  Diane Tom-Ogata 2022-24
 Appointed Director  Elaine Bohls-Graham 2022-24
 Appointed Director  Tom Ervin 2021-23
 Appointed Director  Ardis Herrold 2021-23
 Appointed Director  Belinda Jacobs 2022-24
 Appointed Director  Joe Monaco 2021-23
 Appointed Director  Enrique Reyes 2022-24
 Appointed Director  Peg Steffen 2022-24
 Appointed Director  David Thesenga 2021-23

Appointed Officers

 Coordinator  George Bartuska  2022-24
 Coordinator  Randall Sanders  2022-24
 Coordinator  Anthony Thomas  2022-24
 Editor  Kristina Brody
 Wendy DeMers  2022-24
 Liaison  Don Haas
 Liaison  Angela Rizzi
 Liaison  Elizabeth Torres Rodriguez  2021-23

Committee Positions

Committee Teams

 PD Committee  Marketing Committee  HO Committee  Finance Committee
Ardis Herrold

Natalie Macke


Parker Pennington IV

 DeEtta Anderson  George Bartuska    Elaine Bohls-Graham  John-Henry Cottrell 
 George Bartuska   Kristina Brody  John-Henry Cottrell  Earla Durfee
 Chris Campbell
 Elaine Bohls-Graham
 Tom Ervin   Matt Haverty
  Jim Ebert   John-Henry Cottrell
 Kimberley Norris-Jones  Rick Jones
 Don Haas  Wendy Demir
 Enrique Reyes
 Natalie Macke
 Missy Holzer
 Tom Ervin
  Joe Monaco   Randall Sanders
 Mike Jabot 
 Julia Genyuk
 Diane Tom-Otaga  
 Belinda Jacobs
 Kimberley Norris-Jones
 Rick Jones 
 Parker Pennington IV
 Michael Koenig  Andrea Starks
 Natalie Macke  
 Peg Steffen
 Parker Pennington IV
 David Thesenga    
 Enrique Reyes
 Jill Weaver    
 Angela Rizzi        
 David Thesenga
 Anthony Thomas      

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